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Eat Right Stay Bright is an anticipatory guidance tool, developed by The Children's Hospital of Denver, to aid healthcare professionals in the treatment of patients with PKU.

The Inherited Metabolic Clinic at The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO serves the Rocky Mountain Plains Region and at least 130 individuals with hyperphenylalaninemia (PKU). Children and families require a great deal of complex information, most often new and alien to their experience, in order to establish and maintain consistent and effective treatment. Their experience with the process of sharing such information with families motivated the development of this anticipatory guidance book with teaching aids.

We hope that this guide will prove to be a useful tool for you in your metabolic clinic.   We are continuously improving the material, so please check back for updates.


1. Birth to Five Years
2. The Elementary School Years
3. Adolescent Years
4. Maternal PKU

Materials and topics include:

  • Clinic Encounter Check Lists
    Contains forms to be utilized during each clinic appointment in an effort to ensure that appropriate key issues are discussed at each clinic visit.
  • Experience and Thoughts
    Insights from experiences and practices at The Children’s Hospital
  • Teaching Aids and Handouts
    Find the materials designed to assist in counseling and teaching.
  • Resources
    Other useful and generally available teaching aids and information on acquiring those publications.

All chapters have been developed as an anticipatory guidance tool with patient education and improved patient compliance as its main goal. We welcome you to print, individualize, and add to any and all of the sections. Whatever your approach, we hope this educational tool assists you in your clinic setting.


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