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A phenylalanine-free powdered medical food containing the remaining essential amino acids (large neutral amino acids and lysine) for the dietary management of phenylketonuria (PKU) in individuals over 12 years of age who are no longer following a phenylalanine-restricted diet.

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Main Features:
  • Phenylalanine-free
  • Contains lysine and other large neutral amino acids
  • Contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements
  • One sachet of Lanaflex provides 6 g of amino acids equivalent to 5.2 g of protein
  • Available in orange flavor
  • Osmolality (at a 1 to 4 dilution):  1350 mOsm/kg


  • Phenylketonuria

Directions for Preparation and Use:

Suggested Intake

The quantity of Lanaflex is dependant on the age, bodyweight, and medical condition of the individual and is to be determined by a clinician or dietitian only.  The recommended quantity of Lanaflex is 0.8 g per kg bodyweight per day.  This quantity should be distributed over the day in three or more portions taken along with meals.  Do not exceed three sachets per day in total.


It is recommended that Lanaflex is prepared at an approximate 1 to 4 dilution.  In a screw top container, add 60 mL (2 fl oz) of chilled water.  Add the contents of one sachet (15.8 g) and shake well until dissolved.  This will yield a final volume of 70 mL (2.3 fl oz).  The product is best served as a chilled drink and consumed immediately.  If taken in a more concentrated form, water or diluted drinks should be taken immediately after Lanaflex.


  • Not for use when planning or during pregnancy
  • Seek medical advice before using with serotonergic medications


  • Store unopened sachets in a cool, dry place. Opened sachets should be stored in an airtight container and used within 24 hours.

Ordering Information:

Product Code
Reimbursement Code
12643 49735-0126-43

40 x 15.8 g

Clinical References

  1. Schindeler S et al. The effects of large neutral amino acids supplements in PKU: An MRS and neuropsychological study. Mol Gen and Metab 2007; 91:48-54.
  2. Crowley C et at. Clinical trial of “off diet” older phenylketonurics with a new phenylalanine-free product. J Metal Deficiency Research 1990; 34: 361-369.




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