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Specialized Pediatrics
Nutricia’s Specialized Pediatrics product line was developed for infants and children with cow milk allergy, multiple food protein intolerance and other allergy-related disorders such as eosinophilic esophagitis and other GI disorders.  The formulas are based on free amino acids to reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. For detailed product information, please visit the product links to the left.  

Taste and choice is key to diet compliance. Nutricia offers a wide variety of palatable medical foods for use in the dietary management of inborn errors metabolism. Formulas are available for disorders such as phenylketonuria, maple syrup urine disease, and tyrosinemia (Types I & II). Our Nutrition Services Department can provide consumers with helpful tips for diet management and suggest recipes for the medical food drink. Visit the links on the left for detailed information.
Nutricia also offers KetoCal®, a medical food for children over one year of age with intractable epilepsy.  The KetoCal line simplifies the ketogenic diet, by offering products in a range of ketogenic ratios and forms Our Nutrition Services Department can provide customers with helpful tips and recipes for KetoCal. For detailed product information, please click on KetoCal in the product information menu.
Other Nutritionals
These products are indicated for use when nutritionally-complete formulas are not appropriate or when a modular approach is required. Included are amino acid modules, a protein-free energy supplement powder, a powdered vitamin/mineral supplement, and a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) emulsion. For detailed information, please visit the links in the product menu to the left.
Low Protein Foods
For those with protein-restricted diets, Nutricia offers the Loprofin® product line and the Milupa lp-food product line. The Loprofin line offers a wide variety of low-protein foods that are as close in taste, look and texture as possible to “normal” foods. From breakfast cereals to snack foods, the low protein line offers great tasting products that help provide needed energy and variety in patients’ diets. Please call our Nutrition Services Department for recipe ideas. For detailed product information, please click on Low Protein Products in the product information menu.
Specialized Elderly Care
Nutricia has a range of product solutions to promote healthy aging and improve the quality of life in the rapidly growing elder population.  The product line includes clinically proven nutritional supplements, such as Pro-Stat®, a concentrated liquid protein for wound care, UTI-Stat® with cranberry extract, to help prevent recurrent UTIs; Fiber-Stat®, a triple action formula with soluble fiber, FOS and prune Juice concentrate for constipation; and Diff-Stat® with 3 powerful ingredients that help prevent Antibiotic associated Diarrhea and C. difficile.  Check out for more information.



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