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Title page of product reference guide. Group of people smiling and laughing.US Healthcare Professionals: Download the 2023 Product Reference Guide in PDF format.
Title page of product reference guide. A collage of children and families.Canadian Healthcare Professionals: Download the 2021 Product Reference Guide in PDF format.


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Welcome to the Nutricia North America (Nutricia) family and thank you for choosing us as your medical nutrition partner.   As a part of our family, you are a member of a worldwide family of medical practitioners, clinical nutrition providers and clinical researchers all dedicated to the sole mission of providing the highest quality exempt formulas* and medical foods for the dietary management of food protein allergies, rare genetic and neurological disorders.

The Nutricia statement of confidence is rooted in our longevity in the field of medical nutrition, our commitment to ensuring the highest quality manufacturing practices and the expertise of our clinical provider network.

For Nutricia, medical nutrition is not a side line.  It is at the very heart of who we are.  Toward that end, we employ highly trained and skilled medical nutrition staff to guide you and answer any questions that you may have pertaining to therapeutic medical nutrition and the use of our products.  You may reach any member of our nutrition department by dialing (800) 365-7354 in the United States and (877) 636-2283 in Canada.  

To obtain product (descriptions) or information on how to order, use the “instant navigation” guide below:


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